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DirectEd Lions Litepaper

For a world in which any person can realize their full potential, regardless of their draw in the lottery of life.
This lite paper documents the DirectEd Lions - the two digital art collections of Lions created to support the fundraising efforts of the DirectEd Development Foundation ( 'DirectEd'), an international not-for-profit with charitable status in the US as a 501(c)3 and in the UK as a charitable organisation regulated by the Charity Commission of England & Wales.
The Lions Collection Digital Art Collection represents the community aspect of DirectEd's work and we've tried to keep this as 'lite' as possible, instead adding references for the reader to learn more about our project on our dApp or through our whitepaper!

About DirectEd

DirectEd is a charitable organisation on a mission to deliver evidence-based, highly scalable and cost-effective coding programmes and access stipends to under-resourced high-potential students between high school and university in Africa, preparing them for remote employment by equipping them with the most sought-after digital and soft skills on the market.
By pioneering the use of blockchain technology and decentralised identifiers to facilitate stipends, we enable meaningful transparency, full traceability and accountability at scale.

A Living Document

Our intention is to have this document evolve over time as the community takes part in the co-creative process. The DirectEd Lions lore and utilities will evolve over time!
Last modified 2mo ago