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How are funds used?

Access Scholarship Pools

When you donate to support our Access Scholars, you will receive a Digital Art piece. The terminology used "mint"
DirectEd Lion, you donate to a pool of funds that are dedicated to supporting students who graduated from a particular school to attend the DirectEd Bootcamp.
The metadata of each DirectEd Lion will state the school of the students you are supporting. This is also how we keep accounts of the funds.

Cost breakdown

You can read more about the breakdown, management and use of the funds donated to the Access Scholarship Pools governance document.

Multi-Signature Wallet

The funds raised through the DirectEd Lions donations are held in a multi-signature Cardano wallet. The signatories are not part of the executive or operational team of DirectEd, but have instead been chosen from trusted members of the Cardano ecosystem.
Their purpose is to hold the DirectEd executive team accountable on behalf of the donors by ensuring that the funds are appropriately managed and spend in line with what was promised.