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Next up

DirectEd Internships Kenya cohort 2023

From May 2nd and for 12 weeks onwards, the inaugural DirectEd Coding Bootcamp will take place. This remote bootcamp will train eligible students from our partner institutions in the MERN stack along with a wide range of soft skills in the form of workshops held by prominent guest lecturers covering topics such as how to ace interviews, launching a tech startup as an Oxford University drop-out or how to sell anything as an engineer.
You can read more about the Bootcamp Content here.

DirectEd Intro Courses Ethiopia 2023

We will be conducting further rounds of Introductory Coding Courses in Ethiopia this summer. This will be undertaken in collaboration with Kotebe University of Education, starting in August.


Starting in late Q3 and throughout Q4 2023, we will be looking to expand our partnerships throughout Kenya and Ethiopia. This will first and foremost be done through further partnerships with national high schools in Kenya with assistance from our current partners and YALI RLC East Africa.
We will also start to look beyond Kenya, starting in countries in Africa where we can find strong local partners and where the school year cycles fit with our current programming and capacity.