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Our team is composed of many parts ranging from the tech itself with smart contract development to the actual programme itself (rocketship) and the partnerships. The team is composed of a healthy mix of volunteers, part-timers and full-timers. To see our advisors, check out this page.

Simon Sällström - CEO

Simon holds a master’s in economics from the University of Oxford. He has held leadership roles at several other NGOs, including the presidency of Lund Debate Society. His main interest lies in the intersection of economic development, and various emerging technologies such as blockchain. Simon is currently working for DirectEd unpaid.

Fasika Belay - Ethiopia Lead

Fasika is a senior lecturer who has taught at the university level for nearly a decade, mainly at Kotebe University of Education. She is currently a PhD candidate in Geographic and Environmental studies at Addis Ababa University, focusing on sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Moses Kahure - Kenya Lead

Moses is a medical diagnostic scientist at The Mater Hospital based in Kenya. He has over 6 years of non-profit experience, including the role as chief operating officer at Save a Youth Africa (SAYA). He is also a Young African Leaders Initiative Fellow, Cohort 30.