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Warriors Collection

Warrior Classes

Over time, twenty warrior classes emerged across the domains of Noli. Some specialized in close combat, others in rapid movements on the field and yet others focused on ranged combat. We have described 3 out of the 20 classes but want to allow the community to shape the narrative and story of the remaining classes!
The Ajani are fierce warriors each with a broadsword slung over their shoulder and constitute the core of most Noli armies. Their skill with the blade is honed through years of training and battle-hardened experience. These are no ordinary soldiers, but a specialized class of warriors known as the Ajani. The Ajani are renowned for their ability to shatter an opponent's weapon with a single strike, rendering them defenceless and vulnerable to a follow-up attack.
Clad in sturdy armour and armed with a gilded spear, the Badeze are the primary defensive warriors, often found stationed at the gates of cities, guarding important locations or accompanying important figures on their travels. They are disciplined, patient, and steadfast, with a deep sense of duty and loyalty to their kingdom and people. Despite their focus on defence, guardian warriors are still skilled fighters and are not to be underestimated in combat. They can strike hard and fast when necessary, but they prefer to hold the line and protect their allies above all else.


Each Warrior has five characteristics: Agility, Resilience, Strength, Stamina and Wisdom. Trait scores range from 1 to 10 according to the following independent probability draws:


The sum of trait points from the 5 traits determines the rank of a Warrior as follows (number of NFTs):
  • <26 = Apprentice (x399)
    The Apprentice is a new Warrior striving to earn the recognition and status of a knight in the lands of Noli.
  • 26-30 = Knight (x907)
    The Knight is a crucial member of every Noli army, known for their reliability and strength. While some are content to remain at this rank, others aspire to become commanders, leading other Warriors in combat, or even masters, the highest rank attainable by a warrior.
  • 31-35 = Commander (x597)
    The commander rank represents the epitome of the Noli army, with their exceptional skills, experience, and strategic abilities leading troops to achieve triumph. They command the respect and admiration of both their allies and adversaries, with only a select few ascending to the ultimate rank of master, after years of rigorous training and dedication.
  • >35 = Master (x97)
    The Master rank is the highest recognition a warrior can achieve, with only a few chosen ones able to attain it. They are the elite, possessing unparalleled skills and experience, and are revered as legends among the Noli people.
Less than 5% of Warriors are Masters, having received an ancient blessing from their Kingdom's God, granting them a combat magic spell. Below is a Master of the Phemelo class from Yoxa.
A Phemelo Master of Yoxa


Each Warrior also belongs to one of the 6 ancient Kingdoms of Kariala, Yoxa, Teluji, Epikal, Edoria and Airode. Our vision is to build differentiating identities around each of these Kingdoms and, if the community wishes to go down this path, incorporate synergies in the game element.

What does it mean to hold a Warrior?

  • Helping raise funds for an Access Stipend scholar, enabling a talented student from a low-income family to get a rental laptop, WiFi and tutorial.
  • Invitation to exclusive online and in-person DirectEd Lions events
  • Access to the Student's Progress page, enabling you to observe how funds are used and observe students' achievements.
  • Direct access to the open-source code of projects built by students.