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Ideas for the Future

Not to be taken as a pledge.
Here are some wild, or not-so-wild ideas about where we could take the DirectEd Lions collections in the future. Not promising anything though!

Lions utility

  • Game integration... partnering with existing games to enable the holders of DirectEd Lions to do stuff in the game!
  • Graduates of the DirectEd Bootcamp collaboratively building out a game powered by Paima Engine, enabling holders of the DirectEd Lions Warriors to use their characters in-game!
  • Donor's Reception at some prestigious US university for our US-based donors. Harvard? Stanford? We're open to suggestions!

Lions Story Arch

  • Create a "Gamified story" where members of Kingdoms build the narrative by having 3 three options
  • Rename the Kingdoms
  • Reveal and name the Lion Gods

From the community

Please suggest! We have a Telegram announcement channel and group chat that you are welcome to join.