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Lore: the Lands of Noli

Legend has it that...

Noli was once ruled by powerful magic wielders who brought prosperity and harmony to all living beings. They had the power to create life and had power over the elements of their planet.
However, as time passed, these magic users became increasingly arrogant and greedy. They pushed the limits of their powers, and rivalling magicians sought to outdo the other. One day, the Downfall was upon us. They had unleashed a force beyond their control.

The Downfall

Little is known from this period known as the Downfall. But the result was nonetheless clear: the magic wielders were gone, leaving behind their creations to rule the planet.
One of those creations was the Leonians - powerful lion humanoids created by some of the last magic wielders as they desperately sought to find a means to protect themselves, and to ensure the world would never fall into chaos again...

The Great War

The Great War commenced following the power vacuum left as the magic wielders mysteriously disappeared. This was an unstable period filled with death, destruction and the creation of Heroes. As the dust settled, six Kingdoms stood tall.

The Six Kingdoms

The first kingdom was the Kariala Kingdom, led by a graceful and wise lioness named Aurora. This kingdom was located in the golden fields, rich in soil and minerals. The kingdom was known for its trade and artisanry, but also its knowledge in protective magical skills and healing.
The second was the Yoxa Kingdom and was ruled by two fierce and powerful lions. This kingdom was known for its skill and artisanship in creating weaponry and offensive capabilities.
The third was the Teluji Kingdom, led by a cunning and strategic lioness named Frost and her partner. This kingdom was located in the north, with its lions being known for their resilience and cunning tactics.
The fourth was the Epkal Kingdom, led by a couple of wise and mystical lions. This kingdom was known for its strong connection to the spiritual realm and its use of technology.
The fifth was the Airode Kingdom, ruled by a wise lioness named Yeroa. This kingdom was known for its deep research into the ancient dark magic arts and spells. This Kingdom was ruled by female lions only, and together with the Green Kingdom, the only one with only one ruler.
The sixth and final kingdom was the Edoria Kingdom, ruled by a passionate lion named Seperu. This kingdom was located in the heart of the jungle, and its inhabitants were experts at harnessing the power of nature to create powerful weapons and healing potions.
Despite their differences, the six kingdoms of Noli were united in their mission to protect the world from any threats that might arise. Each kingdom had its own strengths and weaknesses, but together they were an unstoppable force, ensuring the safety and prosperity of all living beings in the land of Noli.